At least for a while yesterday a heroically stubborn Volker, helped by me desperately blocking at the other end, fought to shore up the cracks and bail out the water that was fast filling the sinking BCC ship - not without the odd decision that went our way - but, somehow, we hung on in there for 23 overs to drag the score into the realms of respectability. Inevitably, the drums rolled for us too, our heads going the same way as the other unfortunate 5 before us who'd seen the guillotine blade fall before they knew what hit them. In figures: 5 wickets for 10 runs after 11 overs. The tailenders (a flashing Steffan), added a few at the end to give the bowlers at least a glimmer of hope.


Chasing a modest total of 66 Havel almost suffered the same fate. It was Nishanth who, after an initial bout of slipping and sliding and general wayward dross, changed his shoes, got a grip of himself and the slippery wicket and took 4 loudly applauded wickets. Havel stuttered and stumbled and were reduced to 45 for 6 before a drying outfield and a plucky seventh wicket partnership, aided by a couple of missed catches on our part, saw them past the post.

In the end, it was a thrilling game, not exactly a classic but one in which we regained some sort of self-respect with a decent bowling performance. All in all, it was a good game to have been part of, a tantalisingly slow but fascinating unrolling of events with heaps of mind of matter on display out in the middle. It was a bit like Dante's Inferno but in reverse as we dragged ourselves up from the depths of chaos through the various levels of despair, shame and embarrassment before we saw some glimmer of light at the end of the long tunnel. Volker top scored with 14 hard earned and golden runs. We lost to these guys on the first day of last year's season (aka Viktoria) and they are tricky customers at the best of times who play well together and quietly gnaw away at the their opponents. We can and will do better.

Thanks to everyone for turning up and helping out with the various chores. It made the day so much easier to enjoy.


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